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Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham and Prime Rib Roast Today - We will sell out!
November 15, 2017

Fresh & Smoked Turkeys,  Alder Smoked Hams, Prime Rib Roasts, and don’t forget our famous Alder Smoked Salmon!
At B & E, we have been helping bring families together for generations, and we’ll do everything we can to help you make this family time special. 
And no matter what you order, these items will be set aside for you. You can feel safe waiting until Tuesday or Wednesday to pick up. This way you are not clogging up your fridge before the big day. 
So what should you choose?
Premium Specialty Free Range Turkeys – These turkeys are so fresh that we don’t even bring them in until the week of Thanksgiving! They are raised outdoors in the cool, clear air of Northern Minnesota, 100% natural, no additives or preservatives, no hormones or steroids. Order as small as 10 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds plus ($2.99/lb.)  Want a simple way to make your turkey even more special, moist, tender and delicious? Pick up a B & E Turkeylicious Turkey Brine and Seasoning Kit for only ($9.99).
B & E Alder Smoked Turkeys – Slow smoked with alder and apple woods, our smoked turkeys have a flavor your family will be raving about. Moist, tender and fully cooked, our smoked turkeys can be served as is or re-heated to serve hot. These also make a great addition to serve along with a fresh turkey, ham or roast. 10-11 pound whole turkeys ($5.99/lb.) or 5 pound boneless breasts ($7.99/lb.)
Gourmet Bone-in and Boneless Smoked Hams – Honey cured, then smoked with alder and apple wood, we believe these are the most delicious, tender hams anywhere. Whole Hams weigh 12-17 pounds ($5.99/lb.) Half Hams weigh 3-8 pounds ($5.99/lb.) Spiral Sliced Half Hams weigth 7 pounds ($6.99/lb.) Boneless Hams weights up to about 7 pounds ($7.99/lb.)
Prime Standing Rib Roast – The top 2% of all beef. This roast has maximum marbeling for maximum flavor. We first dry age the rib, intensifying the flavor and tenderness, then cut the roast from the bone, tie back and season if you desire.
Prime Grade - $22.99/lb.
Choice Grade - $16.99/lb.
Choice Boneless - $17.99/lb.
Going somewhere and need a gift for the host?
Let us help make your meal even easier with our house made Traditional Herb Seasoned Stuffing or our Cran-Apple Stuffing. And don’t forget our House Made Turkey Gravy. All three are $8 / 32 oz. container.
Finally, don’t forget B & E Alder Smoked Salmon or Smoked Candy Salmon - the perfect hostess gift or addition to any party!

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