Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th - are you ready?
May 21, 2018

Here's the latest from your local butcher, B & E Meats and Seafood!
Memorial Day is Monday, May 28th - are you ready?
All of us at B & E Meats and Seafood wish you and your family an extraordinary Memorial Day Weekend. We would be honored to help your family enjoy the best possible holiday BBQ with the freshest beef, pork, chicken and seafood. We wish you all the best. Our family has been proud to serve your family for generations.  
Your Friends at B & E
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Try B & E's T-Bones & Porterhouse Steaks
We use only Double R Ranch USDA prime-graded beef, the top 2% of beef. Nothing is more tasty than a prime dry-aged T-bone, Porterhouse, or Rib-eyeSteak, for that matter. Check out this mouth-watering image above. It will have you rushing to get to one of our four convenient locations.
Turn Your Grilling Favorites into Unforgettable
Dishes with 3 Simple Grilling Tips
Helping customers improve their knowledge about the products they buy and offering simple how-to guides to prepare tasty dishes are our goals. One of our most appetizing barbecue favorites is our famous Prime New York Steak: pure, juicy beef and so simple to prepare. Beautifully marbled, these New Yorks come from Double R Ranch, a premier beef brand from the heart of the Northwest.
Using high-quality ingredients is our secret to success. We never compromise on our sources because the attention we pay to the ingredients we buy ensures our customers are getting the best-tasting products.
B & E's owner, Jeff Green, recommends that you follow these simple grilling tips to ensure that your steaks are prepared just to your liking:
1) Salt and season your steaks early, at least one hour prior to grilling or the day before if possible. For a change, try our flavorful, house-made Butcher’s Blend seasoning. Customers report this incredible blend of seasonings is delicious and can even be used on popcorn.
2) To ensure your steaks are perfect for each guest, be sure to take the temperature of your steaks while grilling. (Rare – 110 degrees F, Medium Rare – 120 degrees F, Medium – 130 degrees F, Medium Well – 140 degrees F, Well/No-pink – why bother).
3) After you remove your steaks from the grill, be sure to let them rest for a few minutes - just long enough to firm up and hold in the juices.
Your expectations are high and you look for quality, product consistency and transparency. At B & E Meats and Seafood you can count on all three.
To find more cooking instructions or learn more about B & E Meats and Seafood, visit our website here.
B & E's Famous Tri-tip
B & E's Famous Teriyaki Beef Tri-tips are $11.99 / lb.
What a perfect choice to get BBQ season started or to break in a new grill!
Tri-tip comes from the sirloin and is a wonderful cut to marinate and then barbecue or cook in the oven. We marinate this triangular-shaped muscle with a mild teriyaki sauce, almost more of an au jus, so that it is as tender as prime rib. Popular in California, we brought it to the Northwest about 40 years ago and developed our in-house (secret!) marinade. Once cooked, trim the fat, and cut across the grain. It is wonderful served on a bun with horseradish and a slice of cheese, dipping in au jus. Veggies and rice make the perfect meal. Come try this B & E gourmet product!
Click here for cooking tips and watch the video below!
Our Smoke Truck is Turning Out Drumettes, Half Chickens, Ribs & Salmon Candy...Oh My!
Reserve some today for the Memorial Day weekend.
Our in-house smoked products are perfect for any time of year, and can raise the bar on your holiday meals.Check out an excerpt from B & E Meats, A Family Affair by Connie Adams to learn more about how we take great care to smoke your products:
"From 1958 to 1980, they sold only meat. Then Bob added a smokehouse, which soon was replaced with an even larger version. 'Smoked meats are a big part of our business,' says Jeff. Each store specializes in something that is shared with the other stores: Burien smokes beef jerky; Des Moines sausage, pepperoni, and bacon; Newcastle salmon and salmon candy. 'Most of our smoked products have won awards in competitions.'”
Bleu Cheese or Regular Burgers Anyone?
We've Got You Covered!
All of our ground beef is house ground just for you!
What’s more American than the burger? It may have been named after Hamburg (a city in New York taking the name from Hamburg, Germany), with various states taking credit for creating it in the late 1800s. No surprise, the bun came about because we Americans just have to be on the move: it made the hamburger steak easier to eat on the run.
Because of our extensive grasslands for grazing, Americans ate a lot of beef, and hamburger was one of the least expensive ways to go. In the late 1920s, someone (stories vary as always) topped the burger with some cheese. History was made.
(Tip: if using a slice of cheese, put it under the meat on the bottom bun to keep the bun from getting soggy.) Naturally, we hand grind the beef for our hamburgers and take that cheese idea one step further: we add bleu cheese into the burger. One less step for you and oh, so delicious!
Bleu Cheese Burger Patties $6.99 / lb.
House Grind Beef Patties $6.99 / lb.?
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